September Catch Up

At some point while the Redskins were practicing in Richmond, Eric decided to go watch them and sneak in. Once he got in, a security guard kicked him out. He decided that he would go to his car, get a shirt he had "just in case" he got the chance to meet RG III, and sneak right back in. Which he did, and he definitely got his signature.
While Eric had his intense test studying at the end of September, I went and partied in Cali with the fam. My mom's friend Susan let us use the most gorgeous condo on the beach! And then I drove down to Palo Alto with Tob and Rand to see where they live. I fell in love with their town! 
 Apple picking in Charlottesville!
 We did a fun birthday weekend in DC for Eric's 28th. We were so excited when we heard Rob and Chels were coming to town. We ate lots of good food and hung out at Jeff and Katie's house. 
On his actual birthday we did some more celebrating-I picked him up right after school and we went and tried a nice restaurant, went to a movie, and came home to presents!

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